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HistHudson02Welcome to Wyvern Falls…

It is a small town with a big imagination.  That’s what folks around here like to say.  But you can’t believe everything you hear.  You are likely to meet many friendly, but mostly tight-lipped residents.  Interesting folks live there, to be sure.  There is something about this little town, something you can’t quite put your finger on.  Maybe it is in the architecture, maybe it’s the way the sky looks at night, nearly every night for that matter.  Maybe it is just something in the water.  Sometimes the quiet can be deafening in Wyvern Falls, particularly for you big-city folks, and sometimes it is the echoes of the whispers that keep swirling in and out and around, mostly out of earshot.

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Of course if you really want to keep up what’s been happening recently here in the ‘Falls, go get yourself the latest Hudson Horror Novel: By Summer’s Last Twilight. Aleister Crowley’s bastard son, a cabbalistic cult known as ‘The Sacred Order of the New Golden Dawn’, inter-dimensional portals and the threat of a ‘New Aeon’…what could possibly go wrong? Find out as John Easton and that scurrilous group of teenager’s known as the ‘Half-moonies’ get tangled up with a forgotten nightmare out of the village’s past, this one going back to the eve of the Great Depression.

Available here from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It's like that place you never realized you missed...until you found it.

James Van Der Donck