Date:April 19, 2016

By Summer’s Last Twilight


In the wake of a devastating hurricane clues begin to appear, clues about a dark – and largely forgotten – chapter in Wyvern Falls history. The Sacred Order of the New Golden Dawn. A cult founded by the bastard son of the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, a disturbed man intent on taking his father’s Cabalistic teachings to a whole new level by ushering a New Aeon, with himself as it’s king.

Until, that is, on the eve of another hurricane 85 years earlier, a few intrepid townspeople take matters into their own hands and put an end the young Alexander Crowley’s corrupting and insidious designs. Or so they thought. A new heir has risen from the ashes of the past and has been busily at work bringing back the Sacred Order. With him will come chaos, nightmares and portals to horrifying dimensions, unless a new generation of Wyvern Fall’s citizen’s can figure out how to stop him and his followers.

By Summer’s Last Twilight.
Sometimes the fading days of our youth are the most bittersweet…and terrifying.

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274 Pages