Date:April 19, 2016

The Dying Dream of Major Andre

Legends of SH

Featured in “Legends of Sleepy Hollow” – The Headless Horseman is not alone. The village of Sleepy Hollow has long been home to ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural tales which defy description. Legends of Sleepy Hollow presents eleven original tales of terror and mystery from that enchanted village made famous by Washington Irving nearly 200 years ago.

The Dying Dream of Major Andre: A local art dealer has been tasked with authenticating a most unusual find – a previously unknown drawing by Major John Andre, the British Officer who during the American Revolution took the noose instead of the traitorous Benedict Arnold. A cursed drawing, as it turns out. After picking up a woman at a Christmas Party this particular dealer is about to have the night of his life – but not quite the one he was hoping for. He’s about to discover  – like the Major did centuries ago – that some nights can be filled with unbound horrors worse than death.

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182 Pages
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