Client:Deathwatch Books
Date:April 19, 2016

The Feast of Saint Anne

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The second in the Hudson Horror series brings you four novellas, each an overlapping tale based on the same event: the annual Feast of Saint Anne carnival:

The Red Baron’s Daughter: a bunch of local teenagers get tangled up with a seductive fortune-teller who is something far more hideous than anyone could ever suspect. Subsequently, they find themselves drawn into the web of a hideous monster that was born out of the dark skies of WWI and those flimsy biplanes  – a time when the average life expectancy of a pilot was less than two weeks. Expat CID detective John Easton gets involved when a bunch of kids turn up missing, but will he solve this horrifying mystery before more kids are consumed by this creature of madness and terror?

The Lonely Dancers: college drop-out Nick Carr is about to catch a very unusual act at the carnival’s music tent –  a forgotten British power trio from the early 1980s known as ‘The Lonely Dancers’. The only problem? They’ve only just shown up for their gig 30 years to the day after being killed in a tragic accident on the outskirts of town. What Carr uncovers is a decades old murder mystery involving a local groupie, an unscrupulous manager and a ghost band that has a score to settle…along with one of the music industry’s darker truths: sometimes it’s all over before it really began.

Lorenzo King & The Dunderberg Imp: an egotistical NY media reporter winds up stuck in what turns out tobe the worst – and deadliest – assignment of his life when he’s sent ‘up the river’ to dig up alleged misconduct at The Feast of Saint Anne carnival. Thinks get even more bizarre when he finds himself tangled up in a boat race up the Hudson against his most detested rivals; the team from the Ghost Seekers International show that is threatening to deep-six his own show and career. Washington Irving’s mischievous goblin of the Dunderberg is back with a vengeance, more malicious and evil as ever.

Hey Dummy!: Just how far down a twisted path would one go to achieve immortality? Art Director Jim Franks and his girlfriend – Wyvern Falls” High School teacher Karen Evershaw – are about to find out when they cross paths with what appears to be an old fashioned vaudeville act. Of course neither dummy nor ventriloquist are what they seem and the answer to their awful truth lies 60 years in the past . . . with a deranged New Guinea witchdoctor and a young WWII serviceman’s desperate desire to avoid death at any cost.

Four tales, one Novel: The Feast of Saint Anne.

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