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Millbrook Literary Festival

Millbrook Ad 01 All tight folks, if you’re looking to stretch your legs and pick up some books on what should be a fine May afternoon, I’ll be at the Millbrook Literary Festival signing books from 2-4 pm, and giving a presentation from 4-5 pm in the Bennett Room of the Millbrook Library on how I used local legends and history in my most recent novel, “Nightmare From World’s End” as well as my other stories. More information available here: . Look forward to seeing you!

Review from Horror Palace

nightmare-from-end-ebook-coverOkay folks, been a little delinquent on the postings as it’s been a busy few months. Much to come this year, including the new novel “The Lost World of Kharamu” and a few novella’s. In the meantime, “Nightmare From World’s End” has been steadily selling copies, so if you haven’t grabbed it yet, time’s wasting. And here’s a little review from Horror Palace:


Welcome 2017!

Welcome to 2017 folks, and first off, a big thanks to everyone who has buying copies of ‘Nightmare From World’s End’ – it’s quickly turned into the best-selling Wyvern Falls novel yet, and we’re just getting started. It’s been a tumultuous year in so many ways, but we’re not here to rehash the political and personal arena’s. We’re here to take a little break from that harsh and treacherous ‘reality’ and see what those odd folks are up to in our sleepy little river town and believe me you, they’re up to plenty. Especially this coming year. A new novella titled “The Invasion”  is due out from Sinister Grin Press, another short “The Witchering” to be featured in the upcoming Dark Chapter Press anthology “Edge of Darkness” and another novel “The Lost World of Kharamu” will be out this year from Severed Press as well. And for those of you wondering about the sequel the “World’s End”, rest assured it’s already written and is being re-edited as I speak. It’s titled “In the Shadow of Faulk’s Keep” and was inspired by a certain Tantric yoga guru who graced our area in the 1920s with his odd activities. The sixth installment is written as well, a collection of macabre tales titled “Legends of Wyvern Falls” and draws heavily on the sordid history of a local mansion “Beechwood Manor”.

Also, if you missed it this past year, in addition to “Nightmare From World’s End” getting published by Severed Press, my short story “The Anteater” was featured in ‘Cranial Leakage vol II’ from Grinning Skull Press and sliding in before the January 1st deadline, a bittersweet short story titled “Last Halloween” was featured in issue #30 of Siren’s Call Magazine.

Keep checking for more updates and release events and stay cool. If there’s one thing you should know; no matter how crazy and chaotic you think things are now, they’re nothing compared to what happened here in the past.

New plug from Promote Horror

promote-horror-adThis nice little plug from Promote Horror, who went over and above! Thanks!

New Anthology from Grinning Skull Press out!

Alright folks, this just out. The new anthology from Grinning Skull Press, “Cranial Leakage Vol2” is available, featuring one of my Wyvern Falls short stories, titled “The Anteater”. It involves a very unusual method of pest control. Get your copy here: Amazon or from the publisher: Grinning Skull Press


“Nightmare From World’s End out November 20th!

horizontal-ad-01That’s correct, folks: the next novel in the Hudson Horror Series, “Nightmare from World’s End”, is out November 20th! Come join us for the book launch at Six Degrees of Separation, 25 Main Street, Ossining, NY 10562. November 20th, 5-7 p.m. Copies may also be purchased from Severed Press, in Kindle or Paperback!


Come down and support your local author!

New Novel due out this November

nightmare-from-end-ebook-coverOkay folks, next month will see the release of the 4th Hudson Horror novel: “The Nightmare from World’s End”. Available in paperback & Kindle from Severed Press. More details to follow but this should prove the most exciting in the series yet, with not one but two river monsters racking up the body count along the Hudson. Just in time for Christmas!

Stay tuned….

gooniesIt’s been a busy summer with all sorts of things going on, hence the lack of posts. All sorts of good things are bubbling in the works, however, including a new Hudson Horror novel “The Nightmare from World’s End” is being published soon by Severed Press. Also, another short story “The Witchering” is being featured in an upcoming anthology by U.K.’s Dark Chapter Press, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, enjoy this little snapshot while biking along the Hudson River yesterday – stopping for a water break, I happened to glance up and see this carved into the tree limb near my head. Rather amusing, as that movie has been one of many inspirations behind a few of my stories.

Connecticut HorrorFest


Great time at the 2016 Connecticut HorrorFest this weekend, including an opportunity to meet legendary director George Romero and Ricou Browning, aka “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. Also got to cross paths with various horror authors including my friend Hunter Shea.

Excellent vibe this year and the whole thing was a blast – if you missed it make sure it’s on your roster for 2017.