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Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival!

News update, folks! I’ll be signing books this year at the 2018 Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival with many of my favorite fellow horror authors, so come on down, buy some books, talk to some writers and get into the Halloween spirit! See you there!

Greetings from Mystic

Greetings from Mystic, Connecticut, folks! Always on the lookout for a historical inspiration or two for my tales and this latest trip was no exception. Aside from plenty of fodder from Mystic Seaport and its lurid (and often horrific) history of 19th century whaling, there were plenty of side trips, including this one to Captain Daniel Packers Inne. Situated down the street from where we were staying on the Mystic River, this historic tavern dates back to the 1750s.

The night we had dinner there was the perfect backdrop to a ghost story: a rainy September night with lightning lancing across the sky every few minutes and dining in one of the quiet upstairs rooms that filtered out until it was only the wife and I…and perhaps an otherworldly visitor or two. Perhaps only in my mind. It got the wheels turning though, and by the time we got back to our hotel a full-fledged supernatural tale had taken shape in my mind, one involving a little side adventure for John Easton, that ever-persistent detective of so many of my stories. Without giving too much away, this story involves a sea-faring captain (I think his name is Roger Gilbert, but don’t quote me on that) betrayed and sent to his doom by a merchant of a secret Loyalist stripe during the Revolutionary War who returns to avenge his death. Perhaps while smoking a clay pipe and drinking port in front of a fireplace remarkably similar this one. Sure, I’m runnng along the edge of several cliche’s here, but there’s the challenge: taking the familiar and giving it a little twist. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for another little adventure in my usual haunts along the Hudson…


Special Guest Blog

Special thanks to fellow Horror writer Hunter Shea, who quite generously invited me for a guest blog post on his site, “Hunter Shea’s Twisted World.” The topic here was the latest novel, “The Lost World of Kharamu” – which at least starts and ends across the river from Wyvern Falls. Check it out if you’re looking for a little diversion this summer. And for those of you WF fans, never fear, there’s plenty more tales forthcoming, including the long overdue collection of short stories :Haunted Sketchbook” which is slated for an end-of-year release. Until then, stay cool my friends.

The Big Thrill Roundtable

Hey folks, take a little break and join me and a panel of International h Writer authors for a roundtable discussion on this weeks: “How do you set up those grand, loud, all-out climaxes?” “Big Thrill” section of the ITW website. For me, it’s always insightful to hear how other writers approach this, as many of us by nature tend to work in our own solitary worlds…

Here’s the LINK

“The Lost World of Kharamu” book launch

All right, folks! The official book launch event for “The Lost World of Kharamu” is this coming Saturday, June 30th, at 6 Degrees of Separation, 3-5pm, here in Ossining. This book is a complete departure from the previous Hudson Horror Series (though one early scene happens near the old ‘falls) and is – what I hope, at least – a fun little adventure into Jurassic Park territory. THere’ll be a presentation at the event along with giveaways, a discussion on the current state of dinosaurs and of course books available for purchase. If you can’t make it? No worry – pick up your copy from Amazon or the Severed Press website. See you there!

Another Wyvern Falls inspiration

Hello folks! Oddly, I was just finishing edits on the 6th Wyvern Falls novel – “Legends of Wyvern Falls’ – when an invite arrived from The Briarcliff Manor Historical society to attend a meeting at the mansion that inspired that novel: Beechwood Manor. This 27,000 square-foot behemoth has quite a storied history from Mad Matthias and his bizarre religious cult taking over in the 1830s to a murder trial, visits by at least two U.S. Presidents, the Isadora Duncan Dance company, the Ringling Bros circus and allegedly a visit by the Wright Brothers who landed their plane on the great lawn after a demonstration. It was also here that Vanderlips lived for most the 20th century, renting one of the cottages to author John Cheever for nearly ten years before he became successful.

It’s always a trip to first write about someplace as other-worldly as this, then to find yourself sitting in it. More to come obviously, but for now here’s a few photos including one of yours truly.

Greetings from the ‘Falls

Okay folks, many apologies for being quiet, but it’s been an extremely busy few months. “The Lost World of Kharamu” went through a bunch of revisions with the publisher and finally got out the door, and is slated for a June 21st release. Right around the time the new Jurassic Park movie comes out, if I’m not mistaken. Attaching here is one of my own cover concepts, the final one came out quite a bit different but I decided to go with the publishers designer. Also, hard at work on the new novel, “Neptune’s Reckoning”, due later this year from Severed, which takes the horror show out to Montauk. If that weren’t enough, a new edition of “Feast of Saint Anne” is now available in Paperback & Kindle, with a new edition of “By Summer’s Last Twilight” available in a week or two. Later this year should see the next installment in the Hudson Horror Series, so stay tuned! 

Rocking in 2018

All right folks, if I’ve been off the radar a bit, there’s a good reason: I’ve been too busy writing, writing, editing, & writing. In addition to a new novel due out from Severed Press later this year – “Neptune’s Reckoning” – I had to get through final drafts and edits of “The Lost World of Kharamu”, which went out to the publisher tonight. Without giving away too much, it’s an ode to the “Lost World” tales of Arthur Conan Doyle and of course, Michael Crichton, integrating more recent developments in understanding dinosaur physiology. Like this fellow here, recently found in China. Release date is set for June this year, so look for updates. In the meantime, in addition to cranking away on “Neptune’s Reckoning”, I’ve been editing through three horror novella’s I’m looking to get out his year and have also started on the the 7th Wyvern Falls novel, titled “The Third Veil”. The 5th & 6th in the series are already finished, though in publishing limbo for the moment. Either way, 2018 is looking to be a landmark year, with plenty getting out there. Stay tuned.

HWA guest blog post

HH17-2-768x206Heyyy folks, check out a special guest blog post on the HWA website I have for Halloween, going live October 2nd!