All right folks, if I’ve been off the radar a bit, there’s a good reason: I’ve been too busy writing, writing, editing, & writing. In addition to a new novel due out from Severed Press later this year – “Neptune’s Reckoning” – I had to get through final drafts and edits of “The Lost World of Kharamu”, which went out to the publisher tonight. Without giving away too much, it’s an ode to the “Lost World” tales of Arthur Conan Doyle and of course, Michael Crichton, integrating more recent developments in understanding dinosaur physiology. Like this fellow here, recently found in China. Release date is set for June this year, so look for updates. In the meantime, in addition to cranking away on “Neptune’s Reckoning”, I’ve been editing through three horror novella’s I’m looking to get out his year and have also started on the the 7th Wyvern Falls novel, titled “The Third Veil”. The 5th & 6th in the series are already finished, though in publishing limbo for the moment. Either way, 2018 is looking to be a landmark year, with plenty getting out there. Stay tuned.

HH17-2-768x206Heyyy folks, check out a special guest blog post on the HWA website I have for Halloween, going live October 2nd!

Okay folks, but a busy time here in the ‘Falls, with work getting wrapped up on “The Lost World of Kharamu”, which is now scheduled for release by Severed Press in May of 2018. On top of that, a second novel has just been inked with Severed titled “Neptune’s Reckoning”, inspired by this little fellow, sort of, due out end of 2018. That’s not enough, is it? Word is the 7th novel in the Wyvern Falls series is underway, titled “The Third Veil” involving some peculiar PSI experiments conducted in the area during the 1970s and their tie-in to the CIA’s “Stargate” program. Much more to follow, and stayed tuned for an announcement on a special Halloween presentation on Wyvern Falls taking place in October. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, grab your copy of Nightmare From World’s End. It’s also available as an audio book!Black-Statue-Of-Neptune-mu701

Not ashamed to say the original show was a direct influence on the “Wyvern Falls” stories, and yet never in my wildest dreams did I expect that this reboot would be happening in 2017, or that it would prove weirder and creepier than the original! Be sure to check it out at:

View from Ossining: Croton Point is the darker mass to the right

View from Ossining: Croton Point is the darker mass to the right. The HMS Vulture was spooked off by a bunch of zealous Colonials who loaded up a cannon and kept firing, thus beginning Major Andre’s ill-fated adventure.

Happy 4th of July! Here in the sleepy, riverside village where I now live – eerily similar to that fictional counterpart in so many of my supernatural stories – the holiday has special resonance. It was right off our shore here at Tellers Point (now called Croton Point) that in September of 1780, a British sloop-of-war, the HMS Vulture, showed up with a particularly special passenger: Major John André. Major Andre was on a critical mission: meet up with one of Washington’s top generals – Benedict Arnold – and secure the plans of West Point, which Arnold was in the process of turning over to the British for the princely sum of £20,000. What followed was both a tragic and almost comical drama: the plan should of succeeded for every reason and yet everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did. A study in human fallibility and fate, I suppose. In the end, Major André was captured (just south here, at Tarrytown), and took the noose for Arnold instead.

Major André is more than just a footnote in history, though, for me at least. Known as a very cultured gentleman and scholar – and an artist to boot – he was well-liked by his captors. It was also the sketch he made of himself the night before his execution that served as an inspiration behind my short story, “The Dying Dream of Major Andre” published in David Neilsen’s ‘Legends of Sleep Hollow’ anthology (available here), a ‘what if?’ scenario that involves a second – and haunted – sketch by the Major, one that illustrated the embodiment of his fear just before meeting his death. Here’s a slide from one of my presentations on the tale, which includes the Majors original self-portrait.Andre 01

In the meantime, for those interested in how uncertain the outcome of our country’s history really was, check out this article: Link to historic account of Major John Andre .

For the rest of you, sit back, enjoy the holiday, and if you think of it, raise a toast to those founding fathers that risked everything to make this a new and independent country. They were not perfect men, to be sure, but they were men of reason, passion and commitment who tried to come up with the best form of government they knew how, one that is being sorely tested to its limits 241 years later.


Millbrook Ad 01 All tight folks, if you’re looking to stretch your legs and pick up some books on what should be a fine May afternoon, I’ll be at the Millbrook Literary Festival signing books from 2-4 pm, and giving a presentation from 4-5 pm in the Bennett Room of the Millbrook Library on how I used local legends and history in my most recent novel, “Nightmare From World’s End” as well as my other stories. More information available here: . Look forward to seeing you!

nightmare-from-end-ebook-coverOkay folks, been a little delinquent on the postings as it’s been a busy few months. Much to come this year, including the new novel “The Lost World of Kharamu” and a few novella’s. In the meantime, “Nightmare From World’s End” has been steadily selling copies, so if you haven’t grabbed it yet, time’s wasting. And here’s a little review from Horror Palace:


Welcome to 2017 folks, and first off, a big thanks to everyone who has buying copies of ‘Nightmare From World’s End’ – it’s quickly turned into the best-selling Wyvern Falls novel yet, and we’re just getting started. It’s been a tumultuous year in so many ways, but we’re not here to rehash the political and personal arena’s. We’re here to take a little break from that harsh and treacherous ‘reality’ and see what those odd folks are up to in our sleepy little river town and believe me you, they’re up to plenty. Especially this coming year. A new novella titled “The Invasion”  is due out from Sinister Grin Press, another short “The Witchering” to be featured in the upcoming Dark Chapter Press anthology “Edge of Darkness” and another novel “The Lost World of Kharamu” will be out this year from Severed Press as well. And for those of you wondering about the sequel the “World’s End”, rest assured it’s already written and is being re-edited as I speak. It’s titled “In the Shadow of Faulk’s Keep” and was inspired by a certain Tantric yoga guru who graced our area in the 1920s with his odd activities. The sixth installment is written as well, a collection of macabre tales titled “Legends of Wyvern Falls” and draws heavily on the sordid history of a local mansion “Beechwood Manor”.

Also, if you missed it this past year, in addition to “Nightmare From World’s End” getting published by Severed Press, my short story “The Anteater” was featured in ‘Cranial Leakage vol II’ from Grinning Skull Press and sliding in before the January 1st deadline, a bittersweet short story titled “Last Halloween” was featured in issue #30 of Siren’s Call Magazine.

Keep checking for more updates and release events and stay cool. If there’s one thing you should know; no matter how crazy and chaotic you think things are now, they’re nothing compared to what happened here in the past.

promote-horror-adThis nice little plug from Promote Horror, who went over and above! Thanks!

Alright folks, this just out. The new anthology from Grinning Skull Press, “Cranial Leakage Vol2” is available, featuring one of my Wyvern Falls short stories, titled “The Anteater”. It involves a very unusual method of pest control. Get your copy here: Amazon or from the publisher: Grinning Skull Press